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Driving innovative research to inform and transform energy policy

The Applied Research Programme on Energy and Economic Growth (EEG) produces cutting-edge research on the links between energy and economic growth, working closely with policy makers in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia to build more sustainable, efficient, reliable and equitable energy systems.


Research Areas
Efficient & Productive use

Investigating how electricity supplies could be used more productively and energy efficiency improved.


Researching ways to improve the reliability of electricity systems.

Renewable Energy

Researching ways to utilise natural resources to increase capacity.

Grid Access

Researching the technological and political challenges in connecting people to the grid.

News and Resources
EEG MoWIE policy workshop, Addis Ababa
Ethiopia policy engagement workshop

MoWIE and energy organisations explored the policy implications of six new research projects.

EEG Energy Insight: Scaling up Rural Electrification in Uganda

Uganda, which has one of the most liberalised electricity sectors in Africa, offers a useful lens for examining the effect of power sector reform on social objectives, including energy access.

EEG Energy Insight: Energy and disability

Examining the energy deficit experienced by people with disabilities and how they have been left out of the debate on energy poverty and access.

EEG Energy Insight: Energy access in displacement situations

Examining the energy services which are essential to improving displaced people’s life-chances.

Latest projects
projects map
Ethiopia windmills
Renewable energy development in Ethiopia

Overcoming obstacles in procurement from independent power producers (RE-IPPs)

New Project
men with solar panel, awash, Ethiopia
Improving productive uses of electricity in Ethiopia’s agriculture

How could energy investments support the wider use of irrigated agriculture for improved farm income and productivity.

New Project