Woman walking on street in Freetown Sierra Leone
KTH further builds capacity with University of Sierra Leone to help support government’s new Energy Planning Unit and National Energy Strategy  

Project to help support government’s new Energy Planning Unit and National Energy Strategy.

PowerWatch devices
Phase 1 of the GridWatch project complete

Sensors to measure electricity reliability now deployed in homes and businesses in Accra, Ghana

Catherine Wolfram
Interview: Catherine Wolfram, Principal Investigator

The PI for EEG's GridWatch project discusses the completion of Phase 1.

Hydropower Africa
The impact of climate change on hydropower in Africa

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EEG’s programme director Simon Trace explores the connection between climate change and renewable energy in Africa.

By Simon Trace
Zambia pylons
Researching policy reforms in Zambia’s energy sector

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EEG scoping workshop with the Zambian Ministry of Energy to identify priority research needs in the country.

Ethiopia wind turbines
Interview: the role of research in transforming Ethiopia's energy policy

EEG Principal Investigators discuss how their research seeks to tackle Ethiopia's energy challenges.

Malawi reconstruction
Energy resilience and electricity systems in Malawi - workshop

EEG and LCEDN partnership addresses energy resilience in the design and development of sustainable energy systems

Ryan Hogarth
Interview: Ryan Hogarth

The EEG Energy Lead on fostering cross programme learning.

By Ryan Hogarth
Professor Jörg Peters
Interview: Professor Jörg Peters

On the new EEG project investigating access to micro finance for electricity in Rwanda.

By Jörg Peters