EEG launches call for research applications for South Asia

EEG is welcoming research proposals that explore the implications of the declining costs of solar, wind and storage technologies on regional power trade in South Asia.

The recent paper Barriers to regional cooperation for grid integration of large-scale renewable energy in Eastern South Asia provides detailed insights into the wide spectrum of barriers to regional power trade in Eastern South Asia and sets out where research must be focused to complement ongoing efforts.

We anticipate that the project will involve a modelling approach, but leave it open to researchers to propose the specific methodology. Proposals should be designed to guide negotiations and build confidence around the implications of technology change for regional energy trade. As the policy relevance and impact of our work is of utmost importance to EEG, we strongly support the co-creation of research with key public and private sector partners in our focus countries.  


Proposals should last for a maximum of 2 years. 

Please contact to receive the full proposal package templates.

The proposal package must then be submitted to by 17:00 6 November 2018 (UK time).


Download the application here: EEG South Asia Call for Applications

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India cables
Barriers to regional power cooperation in Eastern South Asia

Detailed insights into the barriers to regional power trade of large-scale renewable energy in Eastern South Asia and suggestions for research.