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Core Projects

Core projects are driven by specific research themes, aiming to advance best practice or address policy questions that will then be broadly applicable.

The lessons will be synthesised and integrated into capacity development and research uptake activities targeted at multiple different countries.

These projects are defined and implemented by external research providers within the wider EEG research framework.

Initial projects under review include the design of renewable energy auctions in Africa (through the University of Cape Town) and the potential for grid monitoring technologies to improve reliability (through UC Berkeley).


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Measuring electricity reliability with GridWatch sensors in West Africa.

Core Project
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Renewable Energy Auctions

Improving the design and implementation of renewable energy auctions in Sub-Saharan Africa

Core Project
More Research
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Country Programmes

Country programmes explore broad themes, initially highly targeted to one country.

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Research Areas

EEG brings together leading academics and policymakers around four priority research areas.

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The Research Repository includes all of our publications from all of our projects that we've worked on.