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EEG Energy Insight: International energy-related organisations’ response to COVID-19

Measures being taken to support key players in the energy sector.

Simon Trace, Ashira Perera
EEG Energy Insight: Low-Carbon Transport in South Africa

An overview of the unique challenges faced by South Africa in transitioning to a low-carbon transport sector.

South Africa
Nicholas Letchford, Ryan Hogarth
Does electrification create jobs? The evidence in low- and middle-income countries

This Energy Insight examines three potential avenues of employment creation due to electrification in low- and middle-income countries.

Benjamin Klooss
Bottlenecks in India’s Transition to Electric Mobility

This Energy Insight throws a spotlight on existing arrangements, infrastructure gaps, manufacturing constraints and the impact of rapid electric vehicle uptake on the power grid.

Safa Khan
Renewable energy auctions: Uganda’s GET FiT Solar Facility

In this Energy Insight, we discuss some of the issues surrounding renewable energy auctions.

Wikus Kruger, Kyle Swartz
EEG Energy Insight: Electricity in Bangladesh

The background on Bangladesh’s energy sector and key issues and challenges identified.

Jamie Stewart, Solaiman Muhit
EEG Energy Insight: The South African Power Sector

The key characteristics and challenges in the South African power sector.

South Africa
Gabrielle Dyson
Closing gaps in women’s employment in the energy sector

Findings from Africa and South Asia by ESMAP

Pamela Baldinger
Pathways to Power : South Asia Region Baseline Assessment for Women Engineers in the Power Sector

South Asia Region Baseline Assessment for Women Engineers in the Power Sector

South Asia
Energy Sector Management Assistance Program (ESMAP)