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Energy Insight: Electricity flexibility and smart system technologies in Africa and Asia’s energy transition

This Energy Insight looks at global growth in electricity demand and the transition of the energy system towards renewable and other technologies.

Renewable Energy
Benjamin Klooss
Energy efficiency for more goods and services in developing countries

This research report discusses the importance of recognizing benefits from energy efficiency in low and middle-income countries.

Efficient & Productive Use
Philippe Benoit, Joeri de Wit, Aditya Lukas, Silvia Zinetti
Learning from the COVID-19 experience - a framework for a resilient regional electricity grid for Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal and India

A framework for a resilient regional electricity grid for Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal and India

Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, India
Dr Jyoti K Parikh, Vinod Kumar Agrawal, Vinay Kumar Saini, Rajiv Ratna Panda, Dr Jasleen Bhatti
EEG Energy Insight: Pre-paid metering and electricity consumption in developing countries

This Energy Insight reports on recent developments in the adoption of pre-paid metering in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.

Grid Access
Debasish Kumar Das, David I. Stern
Energy Insight: Business model innovations for utility and mini-grid integration: Insights from the Utilities 2.0 initiative in Uganda

This Energy Insight focuses on the opportunities for distribution utilities and mini-grid developers to collaborate.

Grid Access
Sumaya Mahomed, Rebekah Shirley, Donn Tice, Jonathan Phillips
India Country Report
Renewable Energy
Vinay Rustagi, Mridul Chadha
Argentina Country Report
Renewable Energy
Martín A Rodríguez Pardina, Julieta Schiro
EEG Energy Insight: COVID-19 and the African energy sector

The potential opportunities for the electricity sector in Africa, particularly for renewable energy systems.

Renewable Energy
Dr Wei Shen, Seife Ayele
Tracking India’s COVID-19 impacts and recovery using high-frequency electricity and pollution data

This energy insight provides one solution to the challenge of tracking economic activity at a high temporal frequency and high spatial resolution.

Fiona Burlig, Anant Sudarshan