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EEG Energy Insight: Does electrification create jobs? The evidence in low- and middle-income countries

This Energy Insight examines three potential avenues of employment creation due to electrification in low- and middle-income countries.

Benjamin Klooss
EEG Energy Insight: Low-Carbon Transport in South Africa

An overview of the unique challenges faced by South Africa in transitioning to a low-carbon transport sector.

Renewable Energy
South Africa
Nicholas Letchford, Ryan Hogarth
Prospects for Private Power Investment in Sub-Saharan Africa in the new decade

This report looks at recent trends in SSA’s power sector as well as IPP investment and procurement trends.

Renewable Energy
Energy and Transport in Africa and South Asia
Renewable Energy
Katherine A. Collett, Maximus Byamukama, Constance Crozier, Malcolm McCulloch
Key principles for improving the support to strategic energy planning in developing and emerging economies

Key principles from the Roundtable Initiative on Strategic Energy Planning for improving support in developing and emerging economies

How disruptive electricity technology could be revolutionary

Analysing impacts, tipping points and policy implications

Jonathan Walters
Closing gaps in women’s employment in the energy sector

Findings from Africa and South Asia by ESMAP

Pamela Baldinger
EEG Energy Insight: Moving beyond energy access – the challenge and impact of unreliable electricity in emerging economies

The challenge and impact of unreliable electricity in emerging economies

Ed Day
China’s role for Africa’s energy transition: a critical review

A critical review of current debates on how Chinese government, investors, financiers, and developers are shaping the transition in SSA countries.

Wei Shen