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Barriers to regional cooperation for grid integration of large-scale renewable energy in Eastern South Asia

Detailed insights into the barriers to regional power trade of large-scale renewable energy in Eastern South Asia and suggestions for research.

Grid Access
Shobhakar Dhakal
EEG Energy Insight: Electricity in Ethiopia

The major challenges currently facing Ethiopia’s electricity sector and the opportunities which may help to overcome them.

Ashira Perera
EEG Energy Insight: Developing a research agenda for community energy resilience in the electricity sector

EEG and LCEDN on developing a research agenda for community energy resilience in the electricity sector.


Nepal, Malawi
Long Seng To, Marcela Tarazona
EEG Energy Insight: Conflict sensitivity: understanding and applying best practice in the energy sector

Understanding and applying best practice in the energy sector in fragile and conflict-affected situations (FCAS).

Jo Robinson
EEG Energy Insight: Myanmar

Developing a programme of research on the electricity sector in Myanmar.

Ryan Hogarth
EEG Energy Insight: Political Economy Analysis

Using political economy analysis to inform applied research programmes – the case of EEG.

Catrina Godinho, Yasmina Yusuf, Luca Petrarulo
EEG Energy Insight: Energy & Poverty

An overview of the links between a lack of access to modern energy services and poverty.

Grid Access, Reliability
Simon Trace
EEG Energy Insight: A snapshot of gender opportunities and constraints in the large-scale electricity sector

Investigating programmatic trends and upcoming studies on the gendered impacts of large-scale energy projects.

Pamela Baldinger
EEG Energy Insight: Best practice in renewable energy auctions design and implementation – a global review

A global review of best practice in the design and implementation of auctions for procuring new renewable energy capacity.

Renewable Energy
Anton Eberhard, Wikus Kruger