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Unlocking private investment in renewable power in Sub-Saharan Africa

With burgeoning urban populations and growing economies, Sub-Saharan Africa’s electricity needs are growing.

Renewable Energy
Ryan Hogarth
Energy, fragility and conflict
Robert Morris
Ghana Energy Summit Briefing Note
Briefing Note: Gender and Energy
Grid Access
Harold Wilhite, Felicity Le Quesne, Chris Hearle
Gender Implications of Energy Use and Energy Access
Grid Access
Harold Wilhite
Thematic Note: Designing large-scale energy infrastructure for inclusive growth
Vijay Modi
Thematic Note: Role of Extractives in Energy Provision
Renewable Energy
Michael L. Ross
Thematic Note: Large-scale Renewable Energy Sources
Renewable Energy
Bridget Woodman
Thematic Note: Energy Supply and Efficiency in Urban Areas
Efficient & Productive Use
Shobhakar Dhakal, Rachita Daga