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Synthesis Report on the Fourth Roundtable Discussion on Strategic Energy Planning

Fourth Roundtable Discussion on Strategic Energy Planning, Trieste, 28th June 2019

Zambia Country Report

This report provides a brief introduction to the Zambian power sector before diving into the details of two solar programmes.

Renewable Energy
Wikus Kruger, Anton Eberhard
EEG Energy Insight: Disruptive innovations in smart electricity systems: Opportunities and challenges for sub-Saharan Africa

Examining the opportunities and challenges for sub-Saharan Africa to transform its energy through electricity systems.

Renewable Energy
Stuart McKinnon, Rachel Mulhall, Emma Owen
EEG Energy Insight: Energy and disability

Examining the energy deficit experienced by people with disabilities and how they have been left out of the debate on energy poverty and access.

Grid Access
Ashira Perera
EEG Energy Insight: Scaling up Rural Electrification in Uganda: Innovative Technical and Financial Solutions Being Explored to Address Access Challenges

Uganda, which has one of the most liberalised electricity sectors in Africa, offers a useful lens for examining the effect of power sector reform on social objectives, including energy access.

Grid Access
Peter Twesigye
EEG Energy Insight: Thinking differently about energy access in displacement situations

Examining the energy services which are essential to improving displaced people’s life-chances.

Grid Access
Glada Lahn
EEG Energy Insight: The Political Economy of Energy Access and Power Sector Reform

Identifying lessons on how energy access goals might be achieved more effectively.

Grid Access
Andrew Barnett, Neil McCulloch
EEG Energy Insight: Rare earth metals

Exploring the rising demand for REMs driven by transition to low-carbon economies and how their scarcity will be a major constraint in achieving global climate targets.

Renewable Energy
Dr Iliana Cardenes
EEG Energy Insight: Will climate change undermine the potential for hydropower in Africa?

Will climate change undermine the potential for hydropower in Africa?

Renewable Energy
Chris Brooks