Doris Agbevivi
Energy Economist
Role of Digitalisation in Improving Grid Reliability and Efficiency in Africa’s Power Sector: Evidence from Ghana
Speaker presentation

Doris is an energy economist with over five years of experience in the Ghana energy sector committed to promoting sustainable development in Ghana and beyond. Her areas of experience include mainstreaming Sustainable Development Goals, promoting sustainable energy initiatives, conducting research, electricity planning and forecasting, informing energy policy through preparation of energy sector outlook for both electricity and petroleum, financial, economic analysis and household energy use patterns.

She has spent the last three years of her professional career working with the Energy Commission in mainstreaming and promoting the SDGs, contributing to technical research, project implementation and informing policymaking in Ghana but also spreading her knowledge and experience from Ghana to the rest of the world. As a consultant, she consulted on the World Health Organisation’s Urban Health Initiative that was aimed at addressing SDG 3, 7 and 13. Her work on the urban health initiative involved analysing the impact of the various cooking fuels on the health of the people more importantly woodfuel. She is currently coordinating the Drive Electric Initiative in Ghana; an initiative being spear headed by the Energy Commission to help Ghana create productive use of electricity while ushering in an era of green energy.

Doris has been a passionate advocate for universal access to clean energy and sustainable energy use on both the national and international level. She has appeared on a number of panels and key events that tackle some of the world’s most complex energy challenges including the World Health Organization’s first Air Pollution and Health conference where she spoke on the transition to clean fuels in view of the cultural and behavioural change of the masses. She also addressed sustainable energy and transport at the ECOWAS sustainable Energy Forum and at the United Nations High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Energy where she proffered solutions to the clean cooking challenge. Doris holds a masters in Energy Economics from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, UK.