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Country Programme: Myanmar

Informing and supporting country power sectors.

Myanmar has both proven off-shore natural gas reserves and abundant renewable energy resources. However, decades of isolation under socialist and military regimes and Western sanctions have prevented the country from exploiting these resources to promote economic development. Currently, only 52 per cent of households have access to electricity. Lack of investment in new generation, transmission and distribution networks has left the energy system highly susceptible to breakdowns.

The Government of Myanmar recently identified power sector development as a top-level priority. It intends to scale up investment in its power sectors in the near term, with the support of development partners.

EEG has conducted initial scoping visits, engaging with energy stakeholders to define the research agenda for the country programme. Research will be commissioned that addresses Myanmar’s most pressing needs.

Myanmar village on Inle lake
EEG Energy Insight: Myanmar

Developing a programme of research on the electricity sector in Myanmar.