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EEG Energy Insight: Promoting gender equity and women’s employment in electric utilities

Profiles of three utilities that have undertaken measures to improve employment prospects for women in the power sector.

Nigeria, Jordan, Macedonia
Pamela Baldinger
Barriers to regional cooperation for grid integration of large-scale renewable energy in Eastern South Asia

Detailed insights into the barriers to regional power trade of large-scale renewable energy in Eastern South Asia and suggestions for research.

Grid Access
Shobhakar Dhakal
EEG Energy Insight: Electricity in Ethiopia

The major challenges currently facing Ethiopia’s electricity sector and the opportunities which may help to overcome them.

Ashira Perera
EEG Energy Insight: Developing a research agenda for community energy resilience in the electricity sector

EEG and LCEDN on developing a research agenda for community energy resilience in the electricity sector.


Nepal, Malawi
Long Seng To, Marcela Tarazona
EEG Energy Insight: Conflict sensitivity: understanding and applying best practice in the energy sector

Understanding and applying best practice in the energy sector in fragile and conflict-affected situations (FCAS).

Jo Robinson
EEG Energy Insight: Myanmar

Developing a programme of research on the electricity sector in Myanmar.

Ryan Hogarth
EEG Energy Insight: Political Economy Analysis

Using political economy analysis to inform applied research programmes – the case of EEG.

Catrina Godinho, Yasmina Yusuf, Luca Petrarulo
EEG Energy Insight: Energy & Poverty

An overview of the links between a lack of access to modern energy services and poverty.

Grid Access, Reliability
Simon Trace
EEG Energy Insight: A snapshot of gender opportunities and constraints in the large-scale electricity sector

Investigating programmatic trends and upcoming studies on the gendered impacts of large-scale energy projects.

Pamela Baldinger