Ethiopia boy pulling handcart past electricity poles
Country Programmes

Country programmes are driven by specific geographical contexts, aiming to help generate the critical mass of evidence needed to shift policies and investments at a local level.

With broad research topics, the capacity development and research uptake activities will instead be highly targeted towards specific countries.

These projects will utilise links with other organisations and programmes already working in the space that complement EEG and provide vehicles for uptake.

Initial country programmes are Sierra Leone and Ethiopia. Once these programmes are established, the programme will expand to new countries. Further programmes could take place in Bangladesh and Nepal.

Ethiopia boy pulling handcart past electricity poles

Informing and supporting government energy reforms

Country Programme
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Sierra Leone

Informing and supporting energy reforms in Sierra Leone

Country Programme
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Research Areas

EEG brings together leading academics and policymakers around four priority research areas.

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The Research Repository includes all of our publications from all of our projects that we've worked on.