wind turbines hills
Energy, fragility and conflict
Robert Morris
The Developing World Is Connecting to the Power Grid, but Reliability Lags

Catherine Wolfram on why connecting people to the grid is only the first challenge.

Catherine Wolfram
Electrification and Economic Development: A Microeconomic Perspective

In this Energy for Economic Growth (EEG) state-of-knowledge paper, we review literature on the microeconomics of electrification in developing countries and organize existing and future work around three questions.

Kenneth Lee, Edward Miguel, Catherine Wolfram
Energy and Economic Growth Applied Research Programme

On 9th March, 2017, EEG and the UK Energy Research Partnership (ERP) jointly held a research partnership seminar with industry experts form the private sector.

Thematic Note: The Linkages between Electricity Supply and Economic Growth
David I. Stern
Thematic Note: Policy Instruments and Governance Structures for Energy Reform
Efficient & Productive Use
Joyashree Roy, Rachita Daga
Electricity Reliability and Economic Development in Cities: A Microeconomic Perspective
Reliability, Grid Access
Paul J. Gertler, Kenneth Lee, A. Mushfiq Mobarak
Thematic Note: Energy Supply and Efficiency in Urban Areas
Efficient & Productive Use
Shobhakar Dhakal, Rachita Daga
Thematic Note: Large-scale Renewable Energy Sources
Renewable Energy
Bridget Woodman