Energy and Transport in Africa and South Asia
Renewable Energy
Katherine A. Collett, Maximus Byamukama, Constance Crozier, Malcolm McCulloch
How disruptive electricity technology could be revolutionary

Analysing impacts, tipping points and policy implications

Jonathan Walters
The nexus of grids, mini-grids and off-grid options for expanding electricity access

A review of literature on the nexus between grid and off-grid electrification options for expanding electricity access.

Grid Access
Subhes Bhattacharyya, Debajit Palit
China’s role for Africa’s energy transition: a critical review

A critical review of current debates on how Chinese government, investors, financiers, and developers are shaping the transition in SSA countries.

Wei Shen
Gender Implications of Energy Use and Energy Access
Grid Access
Harold Wilhite
Leveraging Smart System Technologies in National Energy Data Systems: Challenges and Opportunities
Efficient & Productive Use
Eric Masanet, Luis Munuera, Roberta Quadrelli, Duncan Millard
Economic Growth and Development with Low-Carbon Energy
Renewable Energy
Sam Fankhauser, Frank Jotzo
Low-voltage System Designs for Energy Access
Grid Access
Vijay Modi
Reducing Generation, Transmission and Distribution Inefficiencies and the Feasibility of Low Voltage Supply in LICs
Grid Access, Efficient & Productive Use
Vijay Modi