Gender Implications of Energy Use and Energy Access
Grid Access
Harold Wilhite
Leveraging Smart System Technologies in National Energy Data Systems: Challenges and Opportunities
Efficient & Productive Use
Eric Masanet, Luis Munuera, Roberta Quadrelli, Duncan Millard
Economic Growth and Development with Low-Carbon Energy
Renewable Energy
Sam Fankhauser, Frank Jotzo
Low-voltage System Designs for Energy Access
Grid Access
Vijay Modi
Reducing Generation, Transmission and Distribution Inefficiencies and the Feasibility of Low Voltage Supply in LICs
Grid Access, Efficient & Productive Use
Vijay Modi
Modular and discrete: Opportunities for alternative power system planning, expansion and operation in developing countries

When developing electricity systems, generation and grid have been separately planned and demand has generally been assumed passive, estimated using aggregated approaches.

Luis Munuera, Timon Dubbeling, Simon Mueller
What Do We Know About Economic Diversification in Oil-Producing Countries?
Michael L. Ross
The Political Economy of Hydrocarbon Wealth and Fuel Prices
Paasha Mahdavi, Michael Ross
Economic and Non-Economic Barriers and Drivers for the Uptake of Renewables
Renewable Energy
Bridget Woodman, Catherine Mitchell, Mario Ragwitz