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Country Programme: Ethiopia

Developing a research programme to inform and support government energy reforms

Ethiopia is at a momentous economic transformation and social development crossroads.  Widening energy access and securing reliable energy services is fundamental to the Government of Ethiopia’s Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP II) to transform the country into a major manufacturing hub, and to address some of the intractable development and poverty challenges the country faces.  

Ethiopia faces energy challenges on four fronts:

  1. Meeting the energy needs of large numbers of people who lack access to modern energy carriers such as electricity.

  2. Meeting the energy requirements of a fast-growing economy while delivering power to neighbouring countries.

  3. Balancing on-grid and off-grid electricity for a variety of human settlement patterns.

  4. Exploring an array of financing, regulatory and institutional modalities for a wide-range of energy situations.

Underpinning these is the pursuit of a carbon neutral pathway to mitigate the threat of climate change, which is encapsulated in the country’s vision of sustainable and resilient development.

EEG has engaged widely with key government officials, donors and other energy stakeholders through scoping visits and funding delegates from the Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Electricity (MoWIE), Ethiopian Electricity Agency, and the Public Private Partnership Unit in the Ministry of Finance & Economic Development to attend an energy financing course in March 2018. 

Through these consultations proposed activities for a country programme were identified, and following a Call for Applications in 2018, a range of research projects began in early 2019. Visit the EEG projects page for updates.

men with solar panel, awash, Ethiopia
Country Programme
Efficient & Productive Use
Dawit Mekonnen
International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), Addis Ababa
Ethiopia windmills
Country Programme
Renewable Energy
Seife Ayele
Wei Shen
Institute of Development Studies (IDS), Brighton, UK
solar panels for water pumps, awash, ethiopia
Country Programme
Efficient & Productive Use
Grid Access
Jörg Peters
Jay Taneja
Gunther Bensch
Hailemariam Teklewold
RWI Leibniz Institute for Economic Research
woman cooks french fries by the roadside in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Country Programme
Grid Access
Abebe Damte Beyene
Policy Studies Institute (PSI)
Women ironing in laundry, hawassa industrial park, Ethiopia
Country Programme
Efficient & Productive Use
Leake Enquay Weldemariam
Awet Mana
Tirffneh Yimer Agishe
Kiros Siyoum Weldemichael
Meles Gebreyesus Weldegebriel
Hailekiros Abadi Kiross
Widassie Gerezgiher Gebrye
Tsegabirhan Gebremedhin Kahsay
Hailai Hagos Kihshen
Ethiopian Institute of Technology, Mekelle University (EiT-M)
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Vijay Modi

Academic Lead, Ethiopia Country Programme
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Yacob Mulugetta

Principal Investigator & Academic Lead, Ethiopia Country Programme