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Country Programme: Sierra Leone

Informing and supporting local energy reforms

Sierra Leone faces a number of acute energy challenges. Only 13 per cent of the country’s population has a grid connection. Supply is based largely on hydropower, and is highly seasonal. Poor reliability constrains productive uses of electricity. Even in the wet season, supply is inadequate to meet the growing demand from mining and construction in Freetown. Exacerbating the issue, a reliance on emergency power, poor planning and non-cost-reflective tariffs have left the power sectors in a dire financial situation.

To address these issues, the government is implementing a series of significant reforms and investments.

EEG has conducted initial scoping visits, engaging with energy stakeholders to define the research agenda for the country programme. Research will be commissioned that addresses Sierra Leone’s most pressing needs.


EEG Energy Insight: Sierra Leone

Exploring the role of research in addressing the challenges of delivering universal electricity access in Sierra Leone.

Simon Trace

Simon Trace

EEG Programme Director